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One More for my Baby, and One More for the Breathalyzer -- The latest Addiction/Recovery e Bulletin uncorks more intoxicating info!

Felicia Lawson, the Famous Beverly Hills Personal Fitness Expert, Actress and Model, took time out of her showbizy schedule to contribute this special post for people in recovery!
To recover physical well-being, we must make amends to our own bodies. Good nutrition, plenty of rest, and healthy exercise isn’t the life style of someone having problems with alcohol or drugs. Face it – when we use, we become neglectful of our own wellbeing.  Stopping the drinking and drugging is the beginning of recovery; and exercise appropriate to each individual is one of the best ways to recover physical and mental health.
We can’t do it alone:  people in recovery thrive and succeed when those with experience share their knowledge and encouragement.  As a personal fitness trainer, I am dedicated to enhancing your recovery by using your own body’s built-in processes to reduce depression, soothe anxiety, lift your mood and improve your self-esteem. 
Individually appropriate fitness training boosts the brain’s production of neurotransmitters that support all aspects of successful recovery.  
Wherever you are in the USA, and wherever you are in your recovery, I will design an individually appropriate fitness program especially for you, with your personal budget in mind. If you are a treatment center, rehab or sober living facility, I'll gladly design special programs custom crafted to meet the needs of your clients and residents.
For a free, no obligation consultation, simply call me. It's easy!
818 794 9743
Supporters and clients of WRITERS IN TREATMENT receive one or more complimentary fitness training sessions within their individual plans. Call for more info!

How Exercise Benefits Addiction Recovery
People in recovery face the challenges of learning to produce endorphins — the body’s feel-good chemical — on their own without the help of alcohol and/or drugs. An individual appropriate fitness program increases the release of these endorphins, and is a valuable component of a comprehensive recovery experience.
Writers face special challenges in recovery because the very nature of their profession involves extensive time sitting, staring out the window, and creating new and remarkable ways to not write.  That was an element of humor. 
The truth, however, is not amusing. A sedentary life-style, augmented by alcohol and/or drugs, is not in anyone’s best interest.  For those who spend their working hours sitting, typing, dictating or the all-important behavior of staring blankly into space, an individual appropriate fitness program is of paramount importance.
No matter where you are in the USA, I’m here for you. Together we will create the perfect fitness program for your individual needs and budget.   Consultation is 100% FREE
818 794 9743

Supporters and clients of WRITERS IN TREATMENT receive one or more complimentary fitness training sessions within their individual plans. Call for more info!
  Just when you thought things couldn't get more cunning baffling and stupid all at the same time, Writers in Treatment brings you the latest Addiction/Recovery e Bulletin.  This latest issue is overstocked with absurdity, tragedy and hope.  The really tragic thing about hope, is that some people fear it. After all, if your identity is tied to a view of life that is proven inaccurate, you can either deal with what's real  or protect the error. Millions prefer personal error to accurate reality. At Writers in Treatment, we celebrate all efforts to improve lives, generate health and happiness, and we withhold judgement on controversial claims -- after all, the wheel's still in spin, and change is the only constant.  However, if that's true, why don't I have more spare change?

So, here we go --famous people dying of overdoses, NA and AA hotshots turn out to be drug dealers, more fear mongering about pain killers, and there may be a ANOTHER movie about Freeway Ricky Ross, the first crack cocaine super-star dealer, and it turns out that "Mindfulness" is the #1 preventative for excessive and./ addictive drug use.  Meanwhile, another rehab is shut down for being a criminal enterprise.

Warm up your retinas, cus it's time to read more news you can use, and opinions that won't drive you to drink!
 -- Burl Barer, Member of the Writers in Treatment Advisory Board who is solely irresponsible about his personal content.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014  *  THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS  *  Vol. 1, No. 36

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Family of Origin        

Peaches Geldof 'Died from Heroin Overdose'
Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose in a tragic parallel of the death of her mother which had obsessed her. The TV presenter was found dead while caring for her 11-month-old son at the family home last month. Ms Geldof, 25, had become increasingly obsessed with the death of her mother, Paula Yates, from a heroin overdose in 2000. Ms. Yates was found dead at her home in Notting Hill, west London.

What the Public Thinks  AUDIO

Is Drug Addiction a Disease? [POLL] AUDIO
There are terms being thrown around much more frequently as of ate when people about drug use. The phrases such as "explosion of drug use," or  "expansion of drug use," are used to explain the growth of drug use. While we can call it "expansion" or an "explosion," the one thing no seems to have an answer for is "why" there's such a heightened epidemic.

Doctors Say...        

Doctors Say Painkillers at Root of Heroin Problem
Jeff Messina, owner of Fort Hill Pharmacy said he and other pharmacists have to be aware of strong financial motivation people have for trying to obtain narcotics. "There's a pretty strong market for opioids. Oxycontin sells for about $1 per mg," he said, recalling one customer whose multiple prescriptions from different doctors had a street value of $4,000 to $5,000 per month. He recalled one patient in a three-piece suit and gold watch who was director of admissions at a private school. The man was prescribed Oxycontin for back pain and soon asked for a refill, claiming he had accidentally left his medication in a hotel room.

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It's An Inside Job   

Heavy Alcohol Use Impairs Cells' Ability to Regenerate & Repair
Mitochondria are cellular structures that generate most of the energy needed by cells. Skeletal muscle constantly relies on mitochondria for power. When mitochondria become damaged, they can repair themselves through a process called mitochondrial fusion -joining with other mitochondria and exchanging material such as DNA. In research conducted with rats, scientists found evidence that chronic heavy alcohol use affects a gene involved in mitochondrial repair and muscle regeneration.

Reaching the Summit 

National Rx Drug Abuse Summit Aims to Counter Opiate  Epidemic in U.S.
For three days, the nation's leading public health officials, politicians, law enforcement agents, drug treatment counselors, and others gathered in a downtown Atlanta hotel to discuss the national epidemic of opiate prescription drug abuse. The scope of the epidemic is staggering. Several speakers during the third annual National Rx Drug Abuse Summit cited statistics that indicate more than 125,000 people across the country have died in the past 10 years from opiate-related overdoses.

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Paying it Forward

Woman Helps Others with Substance Abuse Problems
Just three years after her husband unexpectedly died, Virginia "Ginny" Barnes became overwhelmed with grief when her son Jim died. The 19-year-old overdosed on antidepressants, and it caused her to turn to alcohol to ease her sorrows. "When he died, I did not want to live," she told The Herald Bulletin. "So I drank, not to get high, but to get unconscious, (until) the time I realized maybe there was some reason why I was still living." That reason, she later found out, was to help alcohol and drug abusers find and maintain sobriety.

Music to Recover By  VIDEO

Ten Songs About Addiction and Recovery VIDEO
In the wake of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's announcement that he is stepping aside to receive treatment for substance abuse, people across the country are talking about addiction and recovery. It's a topic the music world has explored for decades - so perhaps Ford can draw some inspiration from this playlist of 10 songs about addiction and recovery.

Supporting Recovery and the Arts    VIDEO

Art Therapy Can Help Overcome Addiction VIDEO
"You can express how you feel like, 'Today I'm feeling very emotional. I'm feeling very vulnerable.' But, with art, you don't always have to say it," she said. "It's like, the words that I can't come up with, I can physically put on a piece of work, or a painting or an easel or canvas using all different types of mediums and it really develops into this thing that it then shows how I'm feeling instead of having to verbalize it."

Making a Living     

Large-Scale Drug Bust Nets Anti-Drug Personalities 
A Framingham man led a large-scale cocaine trafficking mob that included his mother who runs Narcotics Anonymous meetings and a man who talks to kids about the dangers of drugs. Norma Hairston, who works as a counselor at the South Middlesex Opportunity Council and had worked as a counselor at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, and speaks at Narcotics Anonymous meetings, worked as the organization's banker. She packaged cocaine, dividing large amounts into smaller, street-sale size packages.

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Report the News, Challenge the Stigma    

Addicts in the News: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction Makes Headlines
Every day, we tell you about someone who's drunk or high on drugs when they kill or injure someone else. Experts who treat people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol say throwing someone in jail isn't enough to keep them from killing someone else. Samford believes alcoholism and addiction are diseases, not a moral problem.

MEDIA Live Music-Success In Sobriety

Jason Isbell At The Fillmore
The strongest of the lot to head up highway 5 is Alabama singer-songwriter Jason Isbell. A former Drive-By Truckers guitarist, Isbell has seen success and sobriety in his solo career, ultimately culminating in his breakthrough latest album, Southeastern. Isbell's tender vocals and solid guitar work paint a picture of loss and redemption in the fullest color spectrum..

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"Through Prayer and Meditation"

Mindfulness Treats Addiction More Effectively Than Traditional Treatments
Experts say the results of two recent studies found a mindfulness approach to treating addiction helped more people kick habits long-term, in some cases, over four times the success rate from traditional treatment methods. "I'm delighted to read about this study. But it doesn't surprise me. Having worked in many different treatment programs through the years, I find mindfulness to be the most effective approach," says Scott Kiloby of the Kiloby Center.

Issue of the 
Addiction/Recovery eBulletin 

The REEL Recovery Highlight Reel 

REEL Recovery Film Festival HIGHLIGHT
Reel 2013
See clips from last year's Award Winning REEL Recovery Film Festivalwith Paul Williams, Russell Brand, Robert Blake, Barbara Eden and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. See VIDEO

Back Door Access to Children        

Alcohol Companies Use Facebook to Avoid Advertising Restrictions
The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, which funded the research wants government to tighten regulation in the area. "The current industry self-regulatory regime, as weak as it is, in dealing with traditional forms of alcohol advertising, was established in a pre-Facebook world, and as such, is simply not capable of addressing the types of aggressive and pervasive advertising and promotion that we see today so entrenched in Facebook."

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Up On the Roof for Addiction Awareness        

Fundraisers for Addiction Awareness Group, SHATTERPROOF, Leap Off High-Rise
As he hung from a rappelling harness on the side of a 19-story building, Gary Mendell said he wasn't thinking about the wind or how high up he was.
We're here to make a promise to millions of people in this country who are addicted and their loved ones," said Mendell, who founded the addiction awareness organization Shatterproof in memory of his son Brian. "This is to end the shame, isolation and stigma that cause suffering."

The Harder They Come...        

Mayor Rob Ford
Goes to Rehab
Rob Ford is taking 30 days off from his reflection campaign to enter rehab after not one but two videos have surfaced showing him doing drugs. Some drug dealers says he has three videos up for sale. If that wasn't enough, there is an audio recording of the mayor, apparently drunk making comments about one of his fellow mayoral candidates of a sexual nature (ew) as well as being bigoted and homophobic. I haven't heard them as the news says they are too awful to play on TV.

Riding the THC Highway         

Marijuana DUI Law Killed in California Legislature
A law that would have meant a DUI conviction if you had trace amounts of THC in your blood failed in the state legislature last week. AB 2500 by Assemblyman Jim Frazier would have meant you could be convicted of driving under the influence if any amount of THC metabolites were found in your blood stream.

They're Already Enlightened        

Rise In Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs
According to CBS NEWS: Symptoms of marijuana intoxication in dogs include dazed look and general lethargy, but since it takes a lot less marijuana to affect dogs!! Other symptoms: Trouble walking, jerky movements, incontinence, vomiting and seizure-like symptoms are marks of severe marijuana poisoning.

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 A Clinic in Crisis

New York Moves To Shut Troubled Rehab Clinic
When ProPublica first wrote about the Brooklyn drug rehab program New York Service Network (NYSN) last September, the outpatient facility only six months earlier had won a fresh license renewal from the state agency that oversees such clinics. Within days of our story, which detailed allegations of falsifying records, padding counseling sessions and paying kickbacks to get patients from unlicensed sober homes, inspectors for the New York Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) returned to the facility for another look. ProPublica has now learned that the agency is moving to revoke NYSN's license.


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No Humor to This Story 

Comedy Super Agent Died of a Heart Attack After Snorting Cocaine
For three days, the nation's leading public health officials, politicians, law enforcement agents, drug treatment counselors, and others gathered in a downtown Atlanta hotel to discuss the national epidemic of opiate prescription drug abuse. The scope of the epidemic is staggering. Several speakers during the third annual National Rx Drug Abuse Summit cited statistics that indicate more than 125,000 people across the country have died in the past 10 years from opiate-related overdoses.

But It Doesn't Help Either

Cocaine Doesn't Cause Brain damage; Poverty Does
For three days, the nation's leading public health officials, politicians, law enforcement agents, drug treatment counselors, and others gathered in a downtown Atlanta hotel to discuss the national epidemic of opiate prescription drug abuse. The scope of the epidemic is staggering. Several speakers during the third annual National Rx Drug Abuse Summit cited statistics that indicate more than 125,000 people across the country have died in the past 10 years from opiate-related overdoses.

OD in Custody  

Inmate Dies of Cocaine Overdose
The Albany County Sheriff's Office says an inmate at the Albany County Jail died from a cocaine overdose. Officials are investigating how 29 year-old Michael Williams got his hands on the drugs. Sheriff Craig Apple says Williams didn't have any visitors recently, which raises the possibility he got the drugs inside the jail, or may have come into the jail with the drugs hidden inside his body.

More Will Be Revealed        

John Singleton Sets Up 1980s Crack Cocaine Epidemic Origins Project
The drama will explore what has been come to be known as the American crack epidemic - the surge of crack cocaine across the USA (specifically Los Angeles in this case) during the mid to late 1980s. An "origin" story, at the center of the drama will be: a young black kid from Compton, CA who will grow to become the world's first "superstar" drug dealer, a Mexican wrestler, and a CIA agent charged with laundering money for the Contras.

Times, They Are a Changing     AUDIO

Alcoholics Anonymous: Changing Demographic AUDIO
The changing role of women in society has caused a huge rise in the number of young and middle-aged female professionals at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the group says. "They can be standing in a bar with a million people but be feeling alone, different and all wrong with how they're drinking alcohol but too proud to tell you."


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Guess Who Won?

Battle of The Bottle
My journey makes stops in abandoned sheds, Dumpsters, ditches, emergency wards, intensive care and, finally, prison. Throughout it all, Mike Pond the professional therapist found fresh insight and understanding of Mike Pond the drunk.

Additional Therapies

Surprising Uses for Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy
Alcoholism. CES has also been used to treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Studies show that CES can help alcoholics to reduce their alcohol consumption as well as the stress and depression associated with quitting.[11] The treatment plan consists of daily 30-minute sessions over a period of four weeks. Additional studies indicate that the calming effect of CES also reduces anxiety symptoms in alcoholics.

Another Way to Hook Our Youth

Protecting Teens From the Allure of E-Cigs
Nearly five years after gaining the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finally exercised it. It should ignore the vape screen of objections from the fast-growing $3 billion industry and proceed as quickly as possible with its plan to outlaw sales to those under 18 and require manufacturers to say exactly what's in the things and how they work.

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Stick with the Winners... 

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Mob Rule May Make Moderation Unmanageable

Drinking is Even More Contagious Than You Thought
It's no secret that drinking is contagious: if your friends are binging or abstaining, there's a good chance you'll follow suit. But a fascinating study on early view at the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research shows just how far this influence goes - and also shows that the social effect on alcohol consumption happens largely outside of our awareness.

Teen in Trouble?

Upcoming Event - May 7

"The Harder They Fall" With Gary Stromberg in Los Angeles
Join the author, Gary Stromberg, for an introduction and discussion of his book, "The Harder They Fall". The book features the stories of twenty one well known celebrities, all of whom crashed and burned from alcoholism and/or drug addiction, only to rebuild their lives in recovery. The author highlights the stories of these outstanding individuals, many of whom well-known musicians, as well as actors, writers, comics and politicians, on their personal journeys of recovery.

MEDIA Television Dramas Still Exists     

Don Draper & Bill W: Mad Men's Open Secret
AA has been the pink elephant in the room for years on Mad Men. We hear the occasional sober fellow attempting a bar-stool conversion; see Freddy Rumsen shame himself out of a job only to return two years later, pronouncing himself "clean and sober." Myriad critics have pointed out the classic phases of chronic alcoholism traced throughout Don's journey.

MEDIA Utah Hospital Podcast Interview AUDIO

What You Need to Know About Alcohol Addiction AUDIO
Over 65 percent of Americans say they occasionally drink, and that number is increasing. Is there a fine line between drinking just enough, and drinking too much? Dr. Jason Hunziker talks about the connection between mental health and alcohol addiction, and why some people may not realize they have an addiction.

From Cutting to Doctor to Cutting        

Heavy Doses of Antidepressants Linked To Self-Harm In Children, Young Adults
The findings are likely to inform an ongoing debate in psychiatry - whether or not it's safe to prescribe antidepressants to children and young adults. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found that younger patients who start antidepressant therapy at high doses, rather than the average or typical prescribed doses, were more than twice as likely to try to harm themselves during the first 90 days of treatment.

Tax Dollars At Work        

New Mexico Prison Guard Linked to Smuggling Case
A New Mexico corrections officer participated in a scheme to smuggle heroin and methamphetamine into the Otero County Prison Facility with the help of inmates, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. The investigation, which included a review of recorded inmate telephone calls and surveillance video, identified the six suspects as members of the drug ring, authorities said.

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